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Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag: Get Intense Training

These gloves are made for the extreme. No matter how hard you hit, they will protect your knuckles and wrist. Made with better protection padding and ergonomic design, these are the gloves for you, if you are aspiring to be a pro in the world of boxing. It is pointless to subject your hand to any vulnerability by going for any inferior product.

Being the toughest outside and soft inside, these gloves provide incredible protection and great comfort. If you have about the importance of gloves, then you will appreciate the gloves which we have added to this list.

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy BagĀ 

Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Best heavy bag boxing gloves

Made with the finest quality leather, you will find them on top on almost any list compiled for best boxing gloves. They are designed for heavy bags. With an efficient padding, it is lined with gel.

You can say that this gel is kind of USP for this product. It is added for shock protection and assists in smooth fitting. This gel lining provides the extreme protection when coupled with high-quality foam.

Almost all boxing gloves have the multi-layered foam padding but what they lack is the gel lining. Capable of absorbing extreme shock, these gloves are double stitched which makes them very durable.

If you are worried about sweating, then you must know about its breathable fabric which allows fast cooling and quick dry.

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Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves 2017

These gloves have a patented Dual-X closure and fusion splinting technology which allows the perfect alignment. It prevents bending and pressure on the axial movement.

It is the reason you can maximize the force in your punch without hurting your wrist. Vylar-2 Engineered Leather, it is capable of outperforming the boxing gloves made with regular leather, they are crack resistant and longer lasting gloves.

Along with the high level of protection, silver-ion based antimicrobial layer prevent any bacteria and keeps the gloves odor-free and clean. These gloves have a better cooling system and a superb protection padding.

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Century Creed Heavy Bag Gloves

heavy bag boxing gloves

The relatively new product, but not lesser than anyone on this list. Made with full grain leather offer a sturdy and robust exterior material that can withstand the harsh punch and tough training.

These gloves are extra wide and fit perfectly to men with broad palm. Supportive wristbands allow you to throw a punch with maximum impact without hurting your hand. Padding is multilayered foam capable of absorbing shock with ease.

The lining is done with nylon which adds breathability to design, allowing easy dry and cooling. Ergonomic design provides an easier way to adjust with these gloves. And molded fit also allows a better fit.

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Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves for heavy bag 2017

These gloves are statement piece; the design is super chic and modern. Textured PU leather used in these gloves provides maximum durability and ruggedness.

They are comfortable and stylish. Unlike other boxing gloves which use the multi-layered foam protection theses gloves employs the IMF (Injectable Mold Foam) technology.

In some ways, it is superior to layered foam technology and provides a bit better protection. It has a ventilated palm and thumb. No more worries about sweat. One more thing that attracted our attention is the stay dry lining.

The primary purpose is to assist in drying the sweat but also allows to make gloves more breathable and strong. And they are cheap, yes of all the gloves on the list they are the cheapest. If you are one budget, then these are for you. It has a traditional boxing grip which helps in reducing the fatigue on the hand.

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RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves 2017

The gel used in these gloves provides an individualized fit along with protection. Rather putting an even layer of gel the manufacturers have placed the at the strategic position which is more vulnerable.

It allows maximizing the protection from usual/unusual impact. A thick layer of gel used around fingers to prevent knuckle injury. And as the name says, it is made with full grain cow leather which is tough and resilient.

Closure strap wraps the whole wrist and provides extra strength to hand during punching. It is adjustable and fits wrists of any thickness.

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Final Words

In the end, you must know that heavy boxing glove should be rugged from outside and equally smooth from inside. It must handle the wear and tear perfectly and provide maximum protection to knuckles and wrist. All gloves on this list are capable of handling tough training, pick wisely.

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