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Best Leather Boxing Gloves With Kickass design And Protection

For a boxer, a pair of gloves is one the most important thing, but unfortunately, a lot of us just jump on the cheapest or the one suggested by the amateurs. The wrong pair of gloves can cause injury and a full stop to your boxing career or enthusiasm.

To help you pick the best boxing gloves, we have reviewed 100s of gloves. The parameters for gloves are, it should be comfortable, fits perfectly and must protect hands. Along with that, we checked if it is worth the money and what people are saying about it on Amazon.

Best Leather Boxing Gloves Reviews

Rival High-Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves

best leather boxing gloves

With almost two inches of latex padding under leather, these gloves provide the maximum protection. The exceptional craftsmanship helps it stand out among the competition. And they have extensive wrist support. They are ideal for sparring, mitt work, and double end. Try them for pain-free boxing experience.

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Title Gel Intense Boxing GlovesĀ 

gloves for boxing

Probably one of the most popular and deserving boxing glove in the market. Gel Enforced Lining along with multi-layered foam lining provides the best protection and power to hands. Gel Enforced Lining allows the maximum resistance to impact. The hand compartment is designed to keep hands cool and dry.

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Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

top gloves for boxing

With two inches of latex padding, you can certainly rely upon these gloves. Made with goatskin to last longer. The hook and loop closure probably allows one of the quickest adjustment to keep hands firm and tight. The water repellent lining prevents moisture into the padding. You can be assured that the punch area is excellent and protected.

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Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

best leather boxing gloves 2017

Velcro straps, yes, before we jump onto discuss any other thing these Velcro straps need special mention. There are not many gloves which can claim this level of comfort and protection.

They are made to last. The wrist is protected by layered foam and allows the boxer to use full power on the heavy bag. The leather exterior is also of supreme quality.

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Japanese-Style Training Boxing Gloves 2.0

boxing gloves 2.0

Available with both Velcro and straps, they are made to handle the abuse in a lovely manner. Unlike other gloves, they use heavy duty nylon lining, which is thick, durable and super comfortable. The manufacturers are brutal when it comes to the critics, the reason for their confidence is the strength of these gloves. Available in almost every color possible, they are not just a fashion accessories but a killer combo of style and strength.

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Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves

boxing gloves of leather

If you were obsessing about the 2-inch padding than holding your breath, these gloves have 2.5 inches of padding to protect the knuckles and free movement of the wrist for maximum protection.

Attached padded thumbs offer even greater protection to hand. Safety Strap Closure System is new and improved with elastic strap and a leather strap Velcro closure.

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Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves by venum

Made with Nappa leather and filled with triple density foam. You may have extra thick padding in other gloves, but this has the triple density foam that reduces the thickness, but protection level stays the same. Large Velcro enclosure ensures easy to strap on; it also has the elastic and leather combination for closure strap.

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Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 Limited Edition Falcon Gold Size

Fairtex gloves for boxing

The minute you see them you cannot resist them; the killer look is a bold statement. The design is audacious and unapologetic. These are statement gloves. Tight fit design allows them to be all purpose boxing gloves. Let me tell you once you go Fairtex you never go back.

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Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro

leather gloves 2017

These gloves are quite popular, initially, you may feel uncomfortable, but once you break in, then you will know what makes them the ultimate boxing glove. It is perfect, and padding is optimum to avoid any injury. And the attached thumb allows free movement, less risk of any injury. The plain and simple design is elegant and classic.

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Boxing Gloves from Kakoa Sports

Relatively less popular as compared to other gloves on this list, these gloves are Unisex in design. In terms of style, they are second to none and protection level id also top notch due to padded foam and detachable wrist cover which provides extra protection during sparring. They polished and double stitched, a fine example of quality craftsmanship.

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Final Words

For all the leather lovers, these gloves are made with some of the finest leather available. They are tough and super durable with affordable pricing. These gloves are a lot more resistant to wear and tear as compared to gloves with other material. Whether you are a pro or novice, you can pick any of them.

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