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Best Boxing Gloves for Women With Insanely Good Design

Almost all the major brands market their boxing gloves as unisex. It will be a lie if you say that you don’t care about the design and color of the gloves (maybe some of you don’t care but not all of you). So, we decided to compile a list boxing gloves which are popular among female boxers.

These gloves have all the qualities: padding, free movement of the thumb, support to the wrist, high-quality material. And along with these qualities, they are also a bit stylish or designed to appeal more to the female population.

We can assure you the quality parameters for these gloves is protection, value for money and durability. We care about style, but our priorities are straight. At all cost protection and comfort will always be on top.

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

girls boxing gloves

When it comes to style and comfort, these gloves are at the top. Made with synthetic leather these gloves are strong and robust. The construction quality is superior.

And you know that all Everlast gloves have the Everfresh and Evercool quality, Everfresh is an antimicrobial property that prevents the bacteria growth, so you don’t have to worry about any odor and the Evercool mesh keeps you hand cool and allows the sweat to dry without collecting any moisture. Palm mesh is breathable and.

And not to mention the patented THUMB_LOK feature, allowing free movement of thumb and thus reducing the chances of injury, the grip is curved and improved. Regarding value for money, they are second to none.

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Venum Women’s Contender Boxing Gloves

women boxing gloves

These gloves are truly versatile; be is sparring, heavy bag training, mitt work or fitness they fit perfectly in every scenario. Made premium quality synthetic leather they strong and with an efficient, ergonomic design.

For added protection, triple density foam is used in the gloves. It provides an extra supportive cushion that can resist the harsh shock. Venum is a popular name in the boxing industry; you don’t have to think before buying them.

Fully attached thumb, a feature usually not available in the gloves in this price range. It protects thumb from the sudden jerk and controls the movement to prevent any injury. And along with all these features, the large Velcro enclosure makes it easy to strap.

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Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

 best boxing gloves for women

If you look at its price, they are at the higher end as compared to other gloves in the list. But it is justified, if you are a beginner, then you are better off with other gloves in the list, but if you are trying to be the pro then these are your perfect mate.

The material used is goatskin; it is soft yet tough to wear and tear. The quality craftsmanship along with superb protection justifies the price. Padding is of latex and 2 inches thick; this is the reason they can handle the strong shock very easily.

Attached thumb, well at this price we do expect to have it. Another feature that caught our attention is the water repellent lining. This allows to repel the moisture and speeds up cooling.

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Kakoa Sports Boxing Gloves For Men And Women

girls boxing gloves

These unisex gloves are so hard to resist. The design, it is hard to think of them as feminine or masculine. They are like abstract art. Chic and sleek with perfect finishing.

These are also multipurpose gloves just like Cleto Reyes Training Gloves. Foam padding is strong but what makes them a little extra special is the secure Velcro strap, imagine when you are working alone, and you have to strap your gloves, again and again, it is annoying.

Well with these gloves you will have no such problem. And one feature that makes them unique is the optional detachable wrist cover. It serves to boost protection with sparring. You need strong support in the wrist, and they provide it.

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ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves

boxing women gloves

Probably the most feminine gloves in the market, I am talking about the looks. With an anatomic pre-curve, these gloves its perfectly. A lot of gloves needs some time to break it, but these gloves need almost no time.

Foam is used for shock protection, and cotton is used for lining. Cotton lining is one thing that may look like a bit odd choice, but those using the gloves seems to like. And yes, thumb lock feature restricts free movement for added protection to the thumb.

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Final Words

In conclusion, we will say that these gloves are made for women. And as a beginner, you should pick one that speaks to you. And do not worry about the quality and protection. They are best in their segment.

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