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5 Best Boxing Gloves 2017 for Beginners and Professionals

Picking up the right boxing glove is crucial, the wrong pair of gloves can cause irreversible damage to knuckle and wrist. We have compiled this list to help you decide the right boxing gloves which provide the maximum durability and protection. They are value for the money, and their users are quite happy too.

Comparison Table of Top 5 Boxing Gloves

S.No.ProductImageEditor RatingsPurchase
1.RDX Optimier9.4 / 10Buy Now
2.Venum Challenger9.3 / 10Buy Now
3.Ringside Laced-Up9.3 / 10Buy Now
4.RDX Cow Hide9.1 / 10Buy Now
5.Twins Special9.0 / 10Buy Now

Reviews of 5 Best Boxing Gloves

RDX Optimier Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves 2017

With almost 100% user satisfaction, these boxing gloves offer the balanced combination of modern technology and classic design. Padding is filled with gel with the shell shock concept to absorb the extreme impact.

Your knuckles will be fine no matter how hard you hit. Nappa leather used as exterior gives an edge for durability and enhanced performance and ruggedness. To keep your palm cool, it uses the Cool Palm X; we are sure that no one uses advanced mesh designed to keep the temperature cool. The strap is long, wide, and snug fit allowing free movement to the wrist.

No other gloves allow this much breathability to hand. Sweat and moisture are controlled to improve ventilation and increased life. They are super affordable and value for the money. Rather going for the cheap or expensive gloves, pick one with value for the money.

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Boxing Gloves 2017

For any animal lover boxer looking for gloves, these are made for you. Well not just for you, although they are made of PU leather, they extremely strong and resilient. PU leather allows it to be more durable and comfortable.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Venum Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves is a perfect choice. The large Velcro elastic enclosure makes sure it is a comfortable fit and allows free hand movement allowing to hit harder ( and reducing the risk of sprain/injury). No one can deny the importance of shock protection, Triple density foam used here is not just as thick as other glove’s padding, but it is equally or even better when it comes to shock resistance.

And yes, they do have the anatomical thumb design. Perfect for heavy use and do not smell. Some people may find them a little big, but once you start using them, you will know the difference.

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Ringside Laced-Up Safety Training Gloves

best boxing gloves by ring side

Ringside claims them to be of next generation and they are. If you are a fan of lace up, then I guess you need to try them. Fits perfectly, easily adjustable and custom it. The thumb is pre-contoured to adjust with hand for a safe, natural position.

The tight grip around the wrist for maximum support and natural movement for the hand. Available in classic black and red combo they are chic and sleek. Even if you claim not to be interested in looks, you will love once you start wearing them. A lot of other gloves needs some breaking in (which is not a terrible thing), the users of these gloves are lucky.

They are snug fit and lace-up allows customizing the fit. Padding is strong and designed to stand the hard punches without causing any damage to the knuckle. It is made for a boxer of any gender or age, experienced or novice. The wide range of benefits for the wide range of users.

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RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Sparring Training Glove

Top Boxing Gloves 2017

What attracted our attention here is the triple layer of Gel integrated with the padding. Often people are confused between gel padding or only foam, well why not both. Triple protection layer punches immune to the impact. It absorbs the shock efficiently, and you never feel a thing (Happy knuckles). The outer layer is made of full grain cowhide making it more resilient and durable. We are not saying that it will never fade but definitely will take a lot longer time as compared to others.

The outer layer is made of full grain cowhide making it more resilient and durable. We are not saying that it will never fade but definitely will take a lot longer time as compared to others. The wrist strap is adjustable and gives maximum support to the wrist. Hand compartment lining is a masterpiece for allowing smooth ventilation, keeping hand clean and cool. If you are

If you are a seeker for large Velcro strips then you may give it a pass, some say they are small, but they are perfectly balanced for the size of gloves.

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Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro Dual Color

Twins Gloves of 2017

Probably the most underrated boxing gloves in its category. They are multipurpose boxing gloves made with premium material and after a good amount of research. Foam padding is designed to maximize the shock absorption.

It is multi-layered and crafted after studying the impact to understand the vulnerable spots and then designing them to counter the maximum shock. A lot of professional boxers prefer to use them for training purpose, they are highly breathable and allow free hand movement to avoid injury.

And the robustness is something that took us by surprise as there are users who are using them for more than three years and still do not feel to change them. And in case you are wondering about the strap it is big and hold the wrist steady and protect against impact.

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Final Words

Every year new boxing gloves are launched with better protection and design. These gloves (old and the new ones) are tested to perform excellently in the ring. Before you jump on anyone, get your priorities straight about its use and chose one that is perfect for you.